Tamar, where are you?

Tamar was the queen of Georgia at the end of the 12th century. She led the country to the peak of its golden age, modernizing the political system introducing elements of civil rights, democracy and rule of law. Today, Georgia presents itself as an ambitious country in a crisis region. A further Sowjet Republic located in between Europe and Asia, shaped by traditions and economic challenges. Secession wars about the regions of Abkhasia and South Ossetia, a Rose Revolution but also free and independent presidential elections.

Tamar, where are you?“ is an ongoing project about Georgia, approaching the country from a sociological/societal point of view – and it is a cooperation between me and Georgian photographers.

As a photographer, your view is always influenced by who you are – what catches your eye and what you deem worthy of being photographed is influenced by your background, your biography, your socialization. Which is why I teamed up with Georgian photographers: their approach, their stories will be different than mine and together we will work on a more in-depth view into a fascinating country.

And from tomorrow on, I will be on my next trip to Georgia, flying in to Tbilisi. To see, to hear, to learn – to make pictures, to meet photographers and talk about their stories. And here’s the place where I will share my impressions on a regular basis.

Tbilisi, November 2016
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