Old versus New

Tbilisi, 2013

Is it my western eye, too easily trapped by what looks different? Or is it real? Roaming around in Georgia and especially in its capital Tbilisi, what always strikes me is the coexistence of old and new, traditions and modern lifestyle, church and party.

When reading about Georgia, when speaking with local friends and/or acquaintances it seems there is a strong tendency towards the West, whether it’s just the way of life in general, or, politically, western alliances, be that EU or Nato – then again every once in a while you also get strong disagreement with these findings.

And because it is and always will be difficult for me as a foreigner to fully understand what it is like to live in Georgia, I invited Georgian photographers to participate in this project. To add their point of view, their stories. So in the end, we will create a more widespread image of Saqartvelo (the Georgian name for their country). But more on that once we’re ready to talk about it …

Mzcheta, Svetiskhoveli Church, 2012
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