Old versus new in Tbilisi, part II

Tbilisi, 2013

Recently, there was a feature on Arte, the French-German TV channel, titled „Der Sound von Tiflis (The Sound of Tbilisi)“. The story was about the founder of the electro music club Bassiani and his ambitions with the club – contrasting his way of looking at life with the point of view of an elderly man, a taxi driver.

So once again it was the story of either or – the open young man oriented towards the West versus the old man looking back at how things were better in the past. I just wonder, whether that’s really how it is?

One more reason for me to continue my photobook project about Georgia together with my Georgian counterparts …

And for all the German speakers among you, here’s a link to a teaser published on the web site of German magazine Spiegel online: http://bit.ly/2i7sHOc

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