What’s your price?

@duckrabbitblog recently posted an article discussing photojournalist Ron Haviv selling some of his work to arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin for their ad campaign. And started a vivid discussion about whether or not this is morally sustainable especially from a respected member of photo agency VII or whether we as photographers should draw a line when to refuse revenue because it would come from the wrong people, companies, media outlets.

Even though there seems to be an obvious answer – meaning yes, we should – it’s not as easy as that. For me, I do have my standards and no gos. Then again, I am a human being and as such flawed which is why I cannot say that I always lived up to my own moral beliefs and standards. But I’m working on it. So here’s to all the people now ranting about Ron Haviv being a disgrace to the guild of socially committed (photo-)journalists: before you throw that stone, think …

And for all who care to read some very interesting thoughts adding to the discussion check out Ron Haviv’s response, Colin Pantall’s What’s for sale, War enabling: Duckrabbit vs. Haviv and VII in a Larger Context at BagNews, Stella Kramer’s Making the Hard Choices or – as always – Conscientious. Very good food for thought.

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