The Singing Horse Trading Post

Through Wyoming and the north-western part of Nebraska we came into South-Dakota – Wounded Knee memorial on the Pine Ridge Reservation was our destination. When we arrived we met Cathy and her friends who taught us a lot about the situation on the reservation and the story behind the Wounded Knee massacre. But Cathy also managed to set us up for the night, at the The Singing Horse Trading Post. Funnily enough this is managed by a German, Rosie (or Roswitha Freier), who came to the reservation 15 years ago – and stayed. And now Cathy calls her „one of us“ … – anyway, the Singing Horse Trading Post is also a bed & breakfast offering in addition to accommodation horse back riding, workshops, sight seeing. Check out their offer – it is really beautiful there. Oh and BTW – pets are of course welcome …

Rosie & two of her dogs

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