Print versus digital

The new book Monalisen der Vorstädte / Mona Lisas of the Suburbs is one of the best arguments for viewing photography in print – Ute & Werner Mahler’s work, beautifully published by Meier und Müller, comes to life in a way unachievable in the world between 0 and 1. Which doesn’t mean I’m against digital and viewing images online or on tablets and such, not at all. But seeing work in a book so carefully produced adds another quality level to it – so I encourage you to find out for yourselves. What an inspiration for us to work on making our wunderland I wonderland book happen …

Ute Mahler & Werner Mahler · MONALISEN DER VORSTÄDTE
ISBN 978-3-00-035371-0
Meier und Müller
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