DK, Nancy & Charlie

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you meet someone and even though it might just be a brief encounter, it stays with you for a while. We had such luck yesterday, when we met DK, Nancy and Charlie in baking heat at this little rest stop where Hwy 50 is crossing the Nevada/Utah border. They were heading West while we were on our way East. We met, we talked – about traveling, sailing, Russia, Georgia, New Zealand, Colorado, Pennsylvania, hunting, art and whether you could make a living as a photographer. Modern day cowboys they called themselves and asked about where they felt at home, Nancy said it’s where your heart is. And for DK home is always rural for he could never live in a big city … have a safe onward journey to the Redwoods.

DK, Nancy & Charlie


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  1. Sara sagt:

    Very nice blog.
    I like it.
    For the rest of your journey, just the best.
    Best wishes!

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