Work is omnipresent. Whether prosaically, as our daily companion, or theoretically, in discussions about globalization and modernization, employment and unemployment, employers and unions, innovation and rationalization and so on. Against all predictions, human beings are still at the heart of all economic activity, not only as consumers but, despite the best efforts of the incessant rationalizers, as workers. Yet, in opposition to the image often presented of this world, most of the work being performed is in small to medium-sized enterprises. manpower tells the story of people working in such an environment, you’ll find employees next to managers next to impressions of their work place in no chronological order. manpower wants to impart a sense for a world that is still very present, although rarely shown. With respect, without false romanticism – always asking the question, whether or how long these working environments can survive in our globalized age of higher, faster, further.

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