Tamar, where are you?

Tamar was a Georgian queen at the end of the 12th century who led the country to its golden age, modernizing the political system introducing elements of civil rights, democracy and rule of law. Today, Georgia presents itself as an ambitious country in a crisis region. A further Sowjet Republic located in between Europe and Asia, shaped by traditions and economic challenges. Secession wars about the regions of Abkhasia and South Ossetia, a Rose Revolution but also free and independent presidential elections. On one side Georgia seems to be striving to the West by signing an association agreement with the European Union, or recently opening a NATO training facility just outside the nations capital Tbilisi. But it is also influenced by developments in Russian controled former autonomous regions Abkhasia and especially South Ossetia, where Russian troops just recently moved a borderline further into Georgian territory. And of course any view of the country is influenced by geopolitical developments in the area such as on the Crimea Peninsula and in the Ukraine. Tamar, where are you? begins where the headlines end, looking at photographic opportunities of the daily life, how does this life convey itself to me through people, structures, architecture, signs, landscapes, be they shaped by human hand or still untouched.

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